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DENTLER muzzle brake

Smartbrake fc 9,3 x 62 mm



Your passion for hunting in the wild is reflected in your hunting weapon system through the use of innovative technology. We know that - and that is why we pursue this approach uncompromisingly down to the smallest detail with the partially closed muzzle brake Smartbrake fc. This rifle accessory is characterized by its unique product advantages:

  • Reduction of recoil between 30-45% depending on the caliber
        - Relief of the body
        - "Mucken" is reduced
  • Retention of the existing shot volume
        - Hunter hunts with the same hearing protection
        - Hunter has no problems with neighboring stands on shooting range
  • Prevention of dust swirls laterally, downwards or to the rear
        - Hunter protects himself and other persons from unpleasant dirt, especially on the face
  • Rejection of the muzzle flash v-shaped from sight line
        - Hunter sees the game drawing especially in the twilight
  • Almost complete elimination of the upstroke / right upstroke
        - Hunter stays on target for effective, fast firing sequences
  • Improvement of the shot precision
        - Hunter hunts better
  • Indifferent sound distribution makes it difficult for game to locate the hunter