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The STRASSER·TAC 1 sports rifle

Uncompromising precision.

If success is measured by the sum of the points scored, then uncompromising precision and reliable technology is indispensable.


The sporting rifle in a class

Our newly designed STRASSER·TAC 1 straight-pull bolt action rifles will fulfil all the expectations of sport shooters.

With its specially designed STRASSER·TAC Trigger System the new BEST BARREL™ EXCHANGE SYSTEM and its impressive precision makes the STRASSER·TAC 1 the optimal and flexible tool in shot competitions.

Equipment/Technical details

  • Calibre
    Standard calibre (STA): 6.5x55 SE, 6.5-284 Norma, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win.
    Magnum calibre (MAG): .300Win. Mag.

  • Barrel length
    Standard and Magnum calibre 66cm

  • Muzzle M18x1 incl. thread protection sleeve

  • Total length
    120cm, 47" with inserted stock cap and without a muzzle brake
    95cm, 37.4" with folded buttstock and without muzzle brake

  • Weight
    8.3 kg, 18.3 lb.

  • Magazine capacity
    Standard calibre 10+1 cartridge
    Magnum calibre 8+1 cartridge

  • Optional accessories
    Muzzle brake, pullout mirage band, replacement magazine slot, replacement magazine