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Accurate repeatable precision

The new RS barrel exchange system

The mechanical function of our newly and patented BEST™ BARREL EXCHANGE SYSTEMS enables an absolutely repeatable calibre change due to the unrivalled shape of the exchange barrels. The new BEST BARREL ™ EXCHANGE SYSTEM redefines the accurate repeatable precision when changing calibres in a simple, innovative and thought out way. With great precision, reliability and extremely simple handling it is leading the way in hunting rifle design.

The removable barrel is fastened using a connection with a mechanically set tightening force. As a result it is clamped with an adjustable, predefined and always consistent torque. The clamping leaver only needs to be moved through one third of a turn for releasing and clamping. This ensures the accurate repeatability of the barrel clamping system in the simplest way that is unparalleled anywhere.