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Waffenmanufaktur HMS Präzisionstechnik GmbH

Passionate hunting. Passionate innovation.

For decades, this family business, led by the management of Herbert and Mathias STRASSER, has been manufacturing essential parts of hunting and sporting weapons for world-renowned brands. Parts from our production in Austria have accompanied the European space rocket Ariane reliably and safely into space. But above all, we are passionate hunters and know very well what is important out there, and on these strong foundations, we have already set a milestone in the history of hunting rifles with our first trend-setting straight pull repeater. This model range, with a patented hydraulic barrel clamping system and appreciated by hunters worldwide, has been enhanced by the B-EX Barrel-Exchange-System, a RS barrel exchange system that was consistently further developed – the STRASSER RS 14.

The simplicity of our newly designed RS barrel exchange system enables a reliable and repeatable calibre exchange, a feature already well known from the first model. The new RS barrel exchange system is a dream come true for lovers of innovative, modular and well thought-out technology.

But evolution never stops. So, we have once again further developed our product and adapted it to the needs of modern hunters. The result is the STRASSER RS 14 EVOLUTION and the STRASSER RS SOLO EVOLUTION. The integrated Picatinny rail makes our system even more flexible in accommodating heavier lenses. This integral design additionally strengthens the housing, which ensures increased precision. Parts of the already tried and tested RS trigger are provided with a particularly low-friction and resilient “DIAMOND LIKE CARBON” DLC coating, which further improves the trigger characteristics, making it the top performer in its class.

For all hunters whose activities do not require a change of calibre, the STRASSER RS SOLO EVOLUTION offers all the advantages of our straight pull system at an extremely favourable price-performance ratio. The barrel of the STRASSER RS SOLO EVOLUTION is supplied with the calibre of your choice and fulfils its function with consistently high performance and reliability.

The safe and precise design and the ergonomic operating functions make our popular straight pull repeater a reliable hunting companion both at home and abroad.