STRASSER hunting guns & sport guns

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The safe and accurate design and ergonomic operating
functions make STRASSER straight-pull rifles a reliable
companion for hunters and sports marksmen!

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HMS Präzisionstechnik GmbH

Passionate Innovation

Evolution does not stop.

STRASSER RS 14 Evolution

We developed our product and adapted it to the needs of the modern hunter.
The result is the STRASSER RS14 EVOLUTION.

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A hunting rifle focuses on the inner values.

The STRASSER RS 14 hunting rifles

The STRASSER RS 14 is the modular flagship of STRASSER. With over 22 different calibers it is the all-rounder among the premium hunting rifles.
Fast. Safe. Elegant.

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HMS Präzisionstechnik GmbH

STRASSER Model Overview

Safe. Fast. Precise. Modular. Elegant. And yet simple.

STRASSER RS 14 hunting rifles

STRASSER RS 14 EVOLUTION hunting rifles

STRASSER RS SOLO hunting rifles

STRASSER TAC 1 Sports rifle

Nightforce - the right riflescopes for your STRASSER gun


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