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Fast, faster, RS straight bolt action

STRASSER straight-pull bolt action

The STRASSER straight-pull bolt action rifle with its small bolt lever opening movement always provides for lightning fast repetition. The RS straight-pull bolt action system is the shooter’s best friend when a successful hunt depends on a rapid rate of fire.

The particularly smooth bolt action of this lightning-fast system is installed with the same high quality in all models. The hunter feels the precision with which our rifles were created with every shot.

How do I care for my Strasser?

Your Strasser is basically very easy to care for. In order to give it the best possible protection against external influences, we recommend the following:

Wipe all steel parts regularly and especially after use in damp conditions with high-quality, non-resinous oil. We recommend our Strasser CLF ceramic oil for this. This includes

  • Barrel including muzzle thread and barrel sleeve
  • bolt
  • bolt head
  • magazine
  • trigger
  • MLok™ plate

The walnut stock must be re-oiled regularly with colorless stock oil. This prevents moisture from penetrating and preserves the shine. Laminated wood stocks are basically maintenance-free. Plastic and carbon shafts only need to be wiped with a damp cloth from time to time. We do NOT recommend using any cleaning agents, as this can damage the protective coating!