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STRASSER and Nightforce

A combination without compromise

STRASSER und Nightforce für Jäger und Sportschützen

The perfect Nightforceriflescope for every STRASSER gun – guaranteed!

Hunters and professional sport shooters making highest demands on their technical equipment. The changing requirements of the hunting as well as in the shooters sector must be sufficiently taken into consideration. Serious differences have to be reconsidered, especially when it comes to buying the perfect riflescope. Only the hunter or sport shooter who is optimally equipped with the best possible and fitting riflescope for his gun and for that reason works with optimized accessory, will have a successful hunt or reach out for the best score at the end of the day.

We ask for your understanding that we currently only supply countries of the European Union!

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Nightforce - the right riflescopes for your STRASSER gun

Looking at the characteristics of the scopes from different manufacturers, you will not be able to determine the big differences at first glance. Information such as lens diameter, twilight factor and magnification still give no information on the processing of a riflescope. Lack of quality of the materials or insufficient mechanics can hide behind good looks. These riflescopes disappoint the user at the latest on the first application. We really know what is important, when talking about the right scope. With the introduction of new SHV hunting riflescopes, the manufacturer Nightforce has expanded and completed its product line, providing a wide range of professional optics for every application.

From military applications to hunting and to the guns of the shooters - Night Force scopes for STRASSER rifles

Nightforce looks back on a long military tradition. The scopes leaving the house, meet the highest standards of military operational areas - with changing basic conditions. Cold or hot - no problem for Nightforce riflescopes! Sand, rain or mud? These are the conditions under which Nightforce products flourish.

Nightforce optics were developed to secure the direct path to the target for the military shooter. Many lives depend on this matter! Therefore, no concessions will be made to the equipment produced by Nightforce. These long years of experience in military use has led to the constant improvement and was incorporated in the SHV series, which is optimized for hunting rifles.

STRASSER Jagdgewehre und Sportgewehre mit einem Nightforce Zielfernrohr

Hunters or professional shooter – for every gun owner

What is important in scopes in the first place? The image must be presented with a high brilliance. The smallest detail can make the difference between success and failure, over a good or bad placement in competitions of expert shooters - or even life and death. With the riflescopes of Nightforce it is easy to achieve perfect shooting results -even when shooting at targets in extreme distances.

When asking in circles of professional marksmen and hunters about the perfect riflescope, the name Nightforce will come up quickly. Especially the excellent range of services in so-called multi-distance shooting at different distances should be highlighted. With ZerostopTM, the reticle can be set to the desired distance. A variety of illuminated reticles offer in all areas of application maximum usability. This provides Nightforce riflescopes for optimized flexibility when it comes to everyday use.

Such an excellent technique must bring a great weight? Not even close! Each Nightforce riflescope is also designed for military Special Forces. The application field where every gram could make the difference! Each scope of Night Force is not only light but also extremely robust and forgiving even rough handling. However, the full range of effectiveness Nightforce is oly able to achieve, if the riflescope comes with the perfect rifle. STRASSER stands for weapons with high precision and reliability, which can realize their full potential in combination with Nightforce. All STRASSER guns are compatible with any Nightforce riflescope!

Robustness and precision - how does that work?

The term "robust" normally excludes high precision and user-friendly operation. This is wrong when talking about the combination of a STRASSER rifle and a Nightforce riflescope. With each model an extremely high precision scope is delivered. Even with large calibers that generate very high recoil or in extreme climatic conditions, the Nightforce riflescope works with precise service. And that is what is important in a scope. Cold, heat, dirt, mud, dust, sand - these are all conditions you don"t have to worry about when using a STRASSER rifle with the Nightforce scope!

Nightforce scopes in combination with STRASSER rifles - the optimum combination for each user. In any weather, in any conditions, anywhere in the world. Which scope of Nightforce fits which weapon of STRASSER? We are going to provide each shooter its optimal scope for the appropriate weapon of STRASSER.