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The new STRASSER bipod

Our Strasser are now even "better" off...

We have made it our goal to create the perfect bipod for hunters, shooters and long range enthusiasts! 

A lot of thought and ideas went into our new project, that's for sure

There is a huge range of bipods on the market; all their good and useful features were analysed, partly adopted and integrated with new innovative “STRASSER genes”. The result is definitely the most universal bipod available.

High-alloy aluminium was used, harmoniously matched and combined with high-quality, high-strength carbon.

With no less than seven different adapters, STRASSER offers almost all shooters the possibility of coupling the STRASSER BONE with a variety of weapons.

We ask for your understanding that we currently only supply countries of the European Union!

The new STRASSER bipod will probably be available from september 2021!

STRASSER Bipod Adapter:

For more info on the new STRASSER BONE bipod, please also visit our product page!

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