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STRASSER triggers for hunting rifles

Innovative trigger group

A rifle is only as good as its trigger

For this highly sensitive component all models of straight-pull bolt action rifles from STRASSER are provided with a safe patented solution that are without equal. The trigger assembly can be removed without tools. The combined direct trigger with set trigger can be set to three weights, light, medium or heavy, also without tools.

The set trigger can be adjusted to a trigger weight of 100-200g. And finally an automatic resetting mechanism ensures the all-round safety of this assembly when the bolt is open.

Combi Trigger

Recommended retail price *: 516,00 EURO

Extra charge trigger gold coloured

Recommended retail price *: 183,00 EURO

STRASSER Abzugseinheit für Jagdgewehre

The new STRASSER NX trigger unit - Consistent development.

All the enthusiasts of our Strasser combi triggers who already know about good trigger behaviour will simply love this further development!

We have designed a new trigger with excellent trigger characteristics for all those who always wanted a pure direct trigger.

The new NX trigger unit (Next Generation) from STRASSER is impressive, thanks to a trigger weight of around 680 grams, a length-adjustable trigger guard and a perfectly adjusted trigger stop.

The support lever is DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated in the usual manner and, additionally, enhances the fantastic trigger characteristics of our new NX trigger unit. The trigger guard"s new design gives the entire rifle a sporty look and thus clearly stands out among our combi triggers.

Every STRASSER rifle can be directly configured with the new NX trigger unit. Retrofitting*) is, of course, also possible on request.


Recommended retail price *: 718,00 EURO

Extra charge NX-Trigge

Recommended retail price *: 202,00 EURO

* Important note:

The trigger must be adjusted for the relevant system by a certified Strasser dealer.

This product catalogue replaces the previous versions and product ranges and is valid in Austria. Unless specified otherwise, the non-binding price recommendations are to be understood as the factory price including the legal VAT currently applicable in € (EURO) and packaging costs.

Subject to alterations in construction, performance, range and non-binding price recommendations.
Errors and construction faults excepted.

STRASSER hunting and sports guns will only be supplied to persons in possession of the necessary purchasing licence and only via STRASSER’s authorised specialist shops!

How do I care for my Strasser?

Your Strasser is basically very easy to care for. In order to give it the best possible protection against external influences, we recommend the following:

Wipe all steel parts regularly and especially after use in damp conditions with high-quality, non-resinous oil. We recommend our Strasser CLF ceramic oil for this. This includes

  • Barrel including muzzle thread and barrel sleeve
  • bolt
  • bolt head
  • magazine
  • trigger
  • MLok™ plate

The walnut stock must be re-oiled regularly with colorless stock oil. This prevents moisture from penetrating and preserves the shine. Laminated wood stocks are basically maintenance-free. Plastic and carbon shafts only need to be wiped with a damp cloth from time to time. We do NOT recommend using any cleaning agents, as this can damage the protective coating!