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Changing magazines by STRASSER

Convince yourself of the brilliant effectiveness

The STRASSER straight-pull bolt action rifle demonstrates its matured character in every detail.   Also when changing magazines. Two slightly convex snap buttons on both sides of the aluminium receiver are placed so that when they are operated the double-locking magazine falls directly into the hand. When hunting on the move enhanced capacity magazines ensure plentiful reserves at high rates of fire.

Driven hunt magazine: STA: 6+1 shots, MAG: 5+1 shots

STRASSER Magazines:

Ergonomics down to the last detail.

Spare magazine for calibre groups

Mini calibre 3- rounds, Standard calibre 3- rounds, Magnum calibre 2- rounds

Magazine Mini-Calibre, Magazine Standard-Calibre or Magazine Magnum-Calibre

Recommended retail price *: 160,00 EURO

Extended magazines

Standard calibre 6-rounds, magnum calibre 5-rounds

Magazine Standard-Calibre or Magazine Magnum-Calibre

Recommended retail price *: 300,00 EURO

Extended Magazine (Surcharge) Initial Purchase only

Recommended retail price *140,00 EURO

Attention: if you switch from one calibre
group to another you have to make sure that you also change
to the right magazine and bolt head!

* Important note:

This product catalogue replaces the previous versions and product ranges and is valid in Austria. Unless specified otherwise, the non-binding price recommendations are to be understood as the factory price including the legal VAT currently applicable in € (EURO) and packaging costs.

Subject to alterations in construction, performance, range and non-binding price recommendations.
Errors and construction faults excepted.

STRASSER hunting and sports guns will only be supplied to persons in possession of the necessary purchasing licence and only via STRASSER’s authorised specialist shops!

STRASSER RS 14 - Made in Austria
Uncompromising precision by Strasser

Each weapon is as unique and precise as its owner! The peak of precision and reliable technology.

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