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STRASSER pistol grip cap real silver

First pistol grip cap of the Austrian Mint

STRASSER proudly unveils the first pistol grip cap, exclusively designed and produced in collaboration with the Austrian Mint. The work of art combines the highest level of minting skill and unique design.

The STRASSER pistol grip cap is made of high-quality 925 silver from the Austrian Mint. The pistol grip cap is packaged in a high-quality STRASSER cartridge case made of loden with the STRASSER logo embroidered on it!

The STRASSER pistol grip cap is very easy to fit yourself and gives your STRASSER that very special touch.

Natürlich ist das limitierte Schmuckstück auch eine großartige Wertanlage oder ein schönes Sammlerstück!

The STRASSER pistol grip cap is suitable for all wooden stocks with pistol grip frames!

It´s pretty easy to remove the original plastic cap.

It´s a press fit part. Take a wood-screw and drill it right into the middle of the cap by approx. 3-4 turns. You cant do anything wrong at this point. Then pull the screw together with the cap out with  a pair of plairs. When you receive your new aluminium cap just plug it in.

It will fit without any rework or glue.

About the Austrian Mint: The Austrian Mint, which looks back on centuries of tradition, is located in the heart of the Austrian capital Vienna. It is known worldwide for its first-class design and high-quality processing of precious metals. With over 800 years of company history and a focus on ancient craftsmanship that is still practiced today, products of the highest quality standards are created.

The cooperation with the Austrian Mint underlines the values of tradition, passion and precision that STRASSER represents.




  • With certificate of authenticity
  • Material: Ag 925
  • Dimension: 40 mm x 26 mm
  • Surface: hand patinated
  • Design and minting: Austrian Mint AG
  • Weight: 18 g


  • High-quality STRASSER cartridge case made of loden and STRASSER embroidered logo
  • Weight: 75 g

Applies to all shafts except for:

  • All RS 700 models
  • Unic Carbon stocks
  • Thumb-hole stocks (right & left)
  • Tahr stocks (right & left)
  • Tahr Thumb-hole stocks (right & left)