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If it should be special.

All STRASSER stocks are manufactured according to our own designs and the knowledge in handling our RS straight-pull bolt action rifles. The stock models are created on the basis of our many years of experience and therefore meet the high demands and requirements of a good stock with regard to shape, durability and quality.

Only high-quality and selected materials are used which perfectly complement our hunting and sporting weapons.

Extra charge ebony forend

Only available from wood grade 4 and only available for new ordered rifles, on request

Recommended retail price *: 155,00 EURO

Extra charge adjustable cheek piece

only Laminated wood stock

Recommended retail price *: 380,00 EURO

Stock set wood grade 1

Recommended retail price *: 785,00 EURO

Stock set wood grade 2

Recommended retail price *: 900,00 EURO

Stock set wood grade 3

Recommended retail price *: 1.235,00 EURO

Stock set wood grade 4

Recommended retail price *: 1.410,00 EURO

Stock set wood grade 5

Recommended retail price *: 1.900,00 EURO

Stock set wood grade 6

Recommended retail price *: 2.175,00 EURO

Stock set wood grade 7

Recommended retail price *on request

Stock set wood grade 8

Recommended retail price *on request

Stock set laminated wood

Recommended retail price *: 1.000,00 EURO

Stock set thumb hole

Recommended retail price *: 1.285,00 EURO

* Important note:

This product catalogue replaces the previous versions and product ranges and is valid in Austria and Germany. Unless specified otherwise, the non-binding price recommendations are to be understood as the factory price including the legal VAT currently applicable in € (EURO) and packaging costs.

Subject to alterations in construction, performance, range and non-binding price recommendations.
Errors and construction faults excepted.

STRASSER hunting and sports guns will only be supplied to persons in possession of the necessary purchasing licence and only via STRASSER’s authorised specialist shops!

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